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Meet The Team


Michael Strong is the founder of The Socratic Experience, a virtual school for children grades 3-12.  He is one of the most experienced designers of innovative school programs in the United States.


His projects include a public school program in which minority female students gained four years worth of critical thinking gains in four months (on the Watson-Glaser).


He later went into Montessori secondary school program design at The Judson Montessori School (San Antonio), The Emerson School, and Hacienda School. He created The Winston Academy, where middle school students passed AP exams, making it the most academically advanced school in the country at the time.


Another of Michael’s projects, Moreno Valley High School, a Paideia charter high school, was ranked the 36th-best U.S. public high school by Newsweek. More recently he co-founded KoSchool in Austin, Texas, which combined his high-performance approach to AP coursework and SAT score gains with a focus on entrepreneurial and creative projects. KoSchool, in turn, became the original model for The Academy of Thought and Industry, the high school model for the largest Montessori network in the United States.

Students from Michael’s schools have been admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, Smith, Bard, Bennington, McGill, UT-Austin, University of Colorado, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Parsons School of Design, Quest, St. John’s and many dozens of other post-secondary institutions.

He is the author of The Habit of Thought: From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice and lead author of Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems.

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Chris Engl is a 20+ year Wall Street veteran who has covered many of the largest institutional clients in the world, ranging from $1 Billion to over $1 Trillion in assets under management. Chris's career began in New York City, followed by 11 years in San Francisco, and ultimately to Jacksonville in 2014 where he led the expansion of an institutional fixed income sales & trading desk. Chris's team grew revenues north of $100 million and Chris was nominated for Managing Director.


Chris has devoted the second half of his life to making the world a better place, one decentralized project at a timed.


As a strong supporter of the value of a proper education and individualized human action, Chris was keen to rekindle his dream to start a privately-funded classical academy before fortuitously engaging with Cornerstone Classical Academy (CCA) in Jacksonville Beach in 2019.  Chris spent 1000+ hours to help fund, build, enroll, and open CCA's campus during the 2020 pandemic.  Chris currently sits on the Governing Board and leads CCA's financial oversight as Treasurer.  CCA received an A and a whistle-clean external audit in its inaugural year and dutifully serves students with a top-notch classical education.  


In the post-covid world, Chris sees a tremendous opportunity to expand school choice.  Chris saw a need to support parents' rights to decide the best way to educate their children, which led to the idea to build The Liberation of Education with his key partners.


Chris is also a private equity investor in several companies.  He is an investor & as-needed consultant in a GovTech project in Central America where the western world's first true Prosperity Zone is underway.  Chris is actively developing a couple of "change the world" ideas and keen to build these with other devoted entrepreneurs.


Beyond all else, Chris loves being a dad of three and being married to his wife of 20 years. He believes that a healthy family unit is the most life changing organization in the world. 


Canaan Stevens, a lifelong learner, has had a passion for self-education since she was homeschooled in 7th grade and was allowed to choose a time frame in history and do a semester-long unit study. She devoured every book she could find at the library and became quite the expert on the War Between the States.


Canaan is married to her college sweetheart (Travis) and they have 5 children aged 18, 16, 14, 11, and 7. She has been homeschooling since 2008 when her first child entered kindergarten and he's now about to graduate high school! They have loved being part of a homeschooling community called Classical Conversations for the past 10 years. Their family has experienced a broad range of educational opportunities through public school (sports, clubs, theater, etc), dual enrollment through a local state college, and private tutoring.  


She earned a degree in Business Management from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Studying abroad in Ireland during her junior year of college changed her life forever,  awakened a passion in her for traveling and first-hand experience of world cultures, but the highlight of her experience was meeting and encouraging other Christ-followers. She and her husband have traveled to over 30 countries and have taken their children to Costa Rica and Ireland. In addition to her role as a wife, mom, educator, and world traveler, Canaan has become a licensed real estate agent and is busy helping people buy and sell properties in St. Augustine, Florida.


Canaan has had countless conversations about homeschooling over the years, but those conversations increased exponentially in March 2020 when friends began asking for help with "how to homeschool." Her role in The Liberation of Education was born out of wanting to share her experience and help guide other parents to the best educational avenue for their family.


Lacey Price is an Entrepreneur with over 17 years experience in real estate, construction and the trades industry. She holds a Business Degree from the University of Florida, a real estate license and a residential contractor's license.


Lacey is also a mom to three first year homeschooling children. She's experienced first hand, with her own children, how developmentally devastating traditional education can be. And how difficult it can be for parents to advocate for their children in the public education system. 


From Lacey... "I believe that every child is born with a gift. If we listen and observe children, they'll let us know what it is we should be encouraging them to learn. Learning happens naturally; it is not taught; it's nurtured." 


With The Liberation of Education, Lacey hopes to empower as many parents and educators as possible to think outside the proverbial box when it comes to educating current and future generations.