Virtual Conference

April 25th - 28th, 2022 6PM ET

Exhibits Open at 5PM

Presenting 30+ Experts and Trailblazing Entrepreneurs in Education

Disclaimer: The committee does not endorse all of the perspectives and solutions put forward and invite listeners to draw their own conclusions. The committee is pleased to provide this diverse marketplace of ideas from which conference participants can choose those that align with their values and worldview. That’s the value in the Liberation of Education approach.

Daily Event Schedule

Traditional education is negatively impacting many children. It can interfere in a child's natural progression in finding their calling.


In this conference, you'll have the opportunity to hear from experts in education about how your child may be affected. You'll also learn from trailblazing education entrepreneurs about myriad solutions.  

5:00-6:00         Exhibits & Speed Meeting Groups

6:00-6:15         Welcome Introduction and Overview

6:15-6:45         Keynote Speaker

6:45-7:15         Breakouts (2 to 3 each night)

7:15-7:30        15 Min Pause (Exhibits, Discussions, Break)

7:30-8:00         Keynote Speaker

8:00-8:30         Breakouts 

8:30-8:45        15 Min Pause 

8:45-9:15         Keynote Speaker

9:15-9:30         Closeout Call to Action

9:30-9:45         Final Call on Exhibits


Note: All content is recorded. Your ticket includes the ability to rewind and review all 20+ hours of content for 4 months!

Topics Covered

  • How your child's mental and emotional well-being may be impacted by their current schooling environment

  • Parental rights and getting over the fear of making the switch from public school

  • Homeschooling, unschooling and hybrid opportunities including socializing and project-based learning

  • Parenting for Student Success: an interactive exercise in how to realize the innate understanding that most of us have, but haven't articulated, for how to create the right conditions for learning. 

  • Win at School: illuminating how schools actually work and what winning at school really is: taking charge of one's own learning.

  • How to nurture strong, resilient, motivated, creative and inspired children

  • Funding your child's education with public and private grants and scholarship funds and what to do if not available in your state

  • High impact tactics for school choice advocacy in your state/district

  • History, present and future of school choice in America and your state with policy experts and film producers

  • Success stories from parents who have high-performing and happy children in schools and careers their children love

  • Building coalition and networking with others in your state/region for support around school choice and school choice funding

  • Various tried-and-true curriculum and bespoke curriculum styles

  • What IS Classical Education, why are we seeing a renewal and how can you implement it in your community?

  • Incorporating virtues & ethics into your child's learning

  • Learning styles: self-directed learning, classical method, individualized learning plans, Socratic discussion, academic coaching, unschooling, and more

  • Taking a non-traditional approach to education generally leads to great outcomes for self-starters

  • What it’s like starting and building a charter school

  • Starting your own microschool or pod to create higher income opportunities for teachers with higher career satisfaction

  • Innovative technology to augment your child's current learning environment and keep them ahead of the curve for their next stages of school and career

  • Life after high school: what comes next & how to make the strongest start possible

  • Apprenticeship & vocational opportunities: rewarding alternatives to many high-risk/low-reward college paths

  • Learn anywhere with anyone: innovative and interactive online virtual and virtual reality options

  • Teenager-driven solutions for bringing other students to alternative education opportunities

  • Better signaling value: How can your student get PAID to get educated if he/she excels in a particular field?

  • Foundations for Career Education Success (dirty jobs as vocation)

  • Inspiring tools and tricks to positively motivate your student. 

  • and more!

Speakers Include