Our Mission

Traditional education is not for every child. For many children, the public education system is developmentally devastating. 

Our mission is to make sure every parent/child has access to an adequate childhood education that is suitable for their developmental needs. 

Our Values

  • Freedom

  • Family

  • Choice

  • Quality

  • Community


We Are Problem and Solution Oriented


A Parent’s rights to educate children, as they see fit, has been taken away from them.

These are among the problems parents have to work with:


  • Data Collection by the State is intrusive and provides little demonstrable value to parent and students

  • Common Core is a disaster on all accounts (unless lowering the bar is the goal--if so, then it’s been very successful!)

  • School is very expensive - either because public schools are not efficient and effective and therefore opportunity cost is high and hidden; OR the supply of available private alternatives is either unknown to parents or not easy to access or to implement.  Per pupil funding, led by administrative costs, are out of control and not directed to better education.  

  • Monopolized one-size fits all systems with uninspiring institutional environments, mission-less rhetoric, virtue-less curriculum, milquetoast culture, ever present dangers of indoctrination, teaching-to-a-test with a low bar, equity comes at the price of excellence, treating parents as delivery drivers and children as commodities

  • Students are treated as future worker bees on “assembly lines”.  Children have purpose beyond what they do and fundamentally valuable for who they are and who they endeavor to be.


Our initial solution is to deliver parent-driven, high quality School Choice conferences with the goal of providing as many exits from the public school system for as many parents & children as possible and with varying costs, styles, and time commitments


Education for your child on your terms is doing education the right way!