Vocational Education

A vocational school, also called a trade school, provides technical education to prepare people for work in a trade, craft, or a profession. Traditionally vocational education has been reserved for young adults just coming into the work field. But there is a new growing trend of parents searching for more hands on education options for their children. 

Not all children are suited for the classroom, some learn best working hands on, seeing and doing. Educating young children in vocational skills is a re-emerging and growing idea. 

Vocational skills range from learning a trade in the construction industry, to the automotive industry, to the tech industry and lots of industries in between. Art, dance, music and even sports can be considered vocational education.

Options for young children to enter a vocational program are still very limited but your child can learn many trades simply buy watching tutorials on the internet or finding a local mentor in the skill they wish to learn. 

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