Home school education, in the traditional sense of the definition, is the parent acting as the educator for his or her own child. However, over the last decade, the definition of homeschool is evolving. Home schooling can now look very different from family to family. It can be a mixture of online education, home education, outside education and self education. 

There is no prerequisite for parents to homeschool their child, except the desire to do so, along with a dedication to understanding each child's educational process. Learning to enjoy the child's company, physical presence, their energy, foolishness, and passion will make homeschooling a positive and productive experience for both the parent and the child. 

Legal requirements for homeschooling in the U.S. vary from state to state. Some states have few or no requirements; others ask for portfolio reviews and/or testing at certain intervals.

The HSLDA is a great resource to help you get started homeschooling. 

You can also search for Homeschool Co-Op's in your area for support.

Home Schooling
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How to Homeschool

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