Funding Your Childs Education

We know this is the biggest concern most parents have when facing the decision to leave public education. 

The good news is; the most impactful thing we can teach children is to be self directed, life long learners. 


To start, all you need to know is what your child is interested in and encourage them to learn about it by watching videos, reading books and locating information on the internet.

Image by Fabian Blank
Kids in the Museum

But You Want to Know How to Fund all the Cool Programs

Some states already have options such as Education Savings Accounts, Tax Credit Scholarships or Voucher programs and many states are introducing bills to expand these programs.

The Fact is...
Education for your Child on Your Terms
is still a growing movement.

But you can help us change that!

The most powerful thing you can do is to leave public education and share your authentic story with others. 

When posting on social media about your new education journey be sure to use the hashtags...